How yogurt can be a satisfying snack


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Nutrient composition and satiety

What you choose to snack on will depend on a host of factors, including availability of food, time, tempting aromas, and so on, and although a given snack may hit the spot at the time, not all snacks can be considered to be satisfying: a food that fills you up and keeps you going till your next meal.

Useful definitions

  • Satiation is a set of complex processes that inhibits the motivation to eat during one eating event. Put more simply, it is a feeling of satisfaction that promotes the end of a meal.
  • Satiety is presented as the inhibitory mechanism that takes place after the end of one eating episode and prevents the return of hunger for a variable duration in the post-prandial state. So, this is the stage when you stop eating when feeling full.
  • Hunger: conscious sensation reflecting a mental urge to eat, which can be traced to changes in physical sensations in parts of the body – stomach, limbs or head. In its strong from, it may include feelings of light-headedness, weakness or emptiness in the stomach (3). So, this can be described as the physical sensation, felt mainly in the stomach, that triggers a need to eat.



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