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How can our diets protect both, human and planet health? (video)

How can our diets protect both human and planet health? video

Flexitarian, Territorial Diversified Diets, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan… these diets can help us fight nutrition-related and other non-communicable diseases, while also protecting the earth.

A recently published review* mentions that a global switch to Flexitarian and Territorial Diversified Diets may be a practical and affordable help to control climate change, while also helping reduce the risk of nutrition-related disorders.

Flexitarian Diets are rich in plants, with moderate amounts of poultry, dairy and fish and low levels of red meat, highly processed foods and added sugars.

Territorial Diversified Diets are Flexitarian Diets that includes high intakes of seasonal and local foods.

Compared to other diets, they are the best option for variety, adaptation, and accessibility. The review also suggests that they help people meet recommended nutrient intake, without the need for specific nutritional education or long-term professional supervision:

  • Flexitarian and Territorial Diversified Diets, are associated with less waste and can be more sustainable
  • They are also prone to societal acceptance in different aspects.
  • They increase microbial diversity, essential for digestive, metabolic and immune health
  • They can help modulate the risk of chronic diseases.
  • They provide essential nutrients for mental and physical development, especially for demanding groups, such as pregnant and lactating women, infants, elderly etc.
  • And when they are connected to regionality and seasonality of foods, it is really favorable for energy inputs, pollution, land and water use.

Adopting new ways of eating will require participation and education of all stakeholders: families, governments, institutions, health care professionals…

Affordability and accessibility are fundamental to these diets and their adoption and this is how we can act to ensure a new food system.

* Luis A Moreno, Rosan Meyer, Sharon M Donovan, Olivier Goulet, Jess Haines, Frans J Kok, Pieter van‘t Veer, Perspective: Striking a Balance between Planetary and Human Health: Is There a Path Forward?, Advances in Nutrition, 2021; nmab139

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