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Hip fractures: milk and yogurt can reduce the risk

hip fracture - yogurt

A new study suggests that greater intakes of milk and milk + yogurt may lower the risk of hip fracture in older adults through mechanisms that are partially, but not entirely, attributable to effects on bone mineral density.

This study evaluated the association of several dairy products with the incidence of hip fractures in 830 men and women from the Framingham Original Cohort. Participants with milk intakes of between 1 and 7 servings a week or higher (≥7 servings/wk) tended to have a 42% and 39% lower risk of hip fracture respectively than those with low intake (≤1 serving/wk).

A similar threshold was observed for milk + yogurt intake. These associations were further attenuated after adjustment for femoral neck bone mineral density.

Source: Sahni, Shivani et al. Journal of bone and mineral research Volume: 29, Issue: 8, Pages: 1756-62, DOI:10.1002/jbmr.2219, Published: 2014-Aug

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