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Habits drive food choice during stress


Putting a new spin on the concept of “stress eating,” a new research found that people who eat during times of stress typically seek the foods they eat out of habit – regardless of how healthy or unhealthy that food is.

This research contradicts the conventional wisdom that people who are stressed-out turn to high-calorie, low-nutrient comfort food. In the study,  David Neal, Ph.D., a psychologist, and his co-authors followed 59 MBA students at the University of California, Los Angeles.

They were asked during midterm exams which snack they would like from an array that included healthy snacks (fruit, non-fat yogurt, whole wheat crackers, nuts/soy chips) and unhealthy options (various candy bars, flavored popcorn, sugar cookies). They also were asked to rate how often during the week they choose that snack.The results found that during peak stress like an exam, participants were likely to fall back on their habitual snack.

Yogurt: a good habit

It is important to make snacks as nutritious as possible and relatively low in calories and fat to avoid weight gain, including during times of stress. Yogurt can be a new routine to make proper food choices when it comes to snacking.Yogurt is a nutrient-dense, tasty, handy and easily digested product to help people reach their daily dairy intake without excess calories. Find out more here!

Source: Institute of Food Technologists 2013 Annual Meeting and Food Expo

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