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Full-fat dairy products do not increase inflammatory biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases

full-fat yogurt

In this study, the comparison of diets comprising predominantly low-fat dairy and full-fat dairy products have failed to demonstrate a clearly unfavourable profile of inflammatory biomarkers and complex lipids with full-fat dairy diet consumption.

In this randomised cross-over study over two 3-week periods, 12 overweight/obese subjects consumed two full-fat dairy diets containing either yogurt plus cheese (fermented), butter, cream and ice cream (non-fermented) or a low-fat milk plus yogurt diet, with the latter being consumed between and at the end of the full-fat dairy dietary periods.

The concentrations of 6 out of 8 biomarkers (6 inflammatory & 2 atherogenic known to be raised in CVD) tended to be higher on consumption of the low-fat dairy diet than the fermented dairy diet. Furthermore, the concentrations of 2 plasmalogen lipid classes reported to be associated with increased oxidisability were also higher on consumption of the low-fat dairy diet.

According to this study, the intake of the fermented dairy diet did appear to provide a more favourable biomarker profile than that of the non-fermented dairy diet.

 Source: Nestel, PJ et al. BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, 110 (12):2242-2249; 10.1017/S0007114513001621 DEC 28 2013

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