Yogurt and worldwide habits

Factors affecting yogurt consumption in Brazilian population


Yogurt is beneficial to the diets of adults and the elderly. In this study, Possa and colleagues sought to determine the factors that affected yogurt consumption in adults and the elderly in Brazil.

Detailed questionnaire

The authors carried out their investigations with a sample of 532 subjects, providing them with a structured questionnaire in order to obtain data on demographics, socioeconomic information, the presence of morbidities as well as lifestyle and anthropometric characteristics. Food intake was evaluated using two 24-hour dietary recalls and a Food Frequency Questionnaire.

Female sex, non-smokers and high level of education

Approximately 60% of the subjects were classified as yogurt consumers. In the logistic regression model, yogurt intake was associated with smoking, the female sex and the 20-39 age group. The quantity of yogurt consumed is higher among non-smokers and higher-income subjects. However, the level of education of the head of the household is inversely associated with the quantity of yogurt consumed.

Source: Possa, G. et al., Probability and amounts of yogurt intake are differently affected by sociodemographic, economic, and lifestyle factors in adults and the elderly-results from a population-based study, Nutrition Research, August 2015, Vol 35(8), pp. 700–706

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