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Eating yogurt improves nutrients intake


During the 3rd Yogurt Summit in Boston, a new study in Brazil unveiled that frequent yogurt consumers had a higher calcium intake than daily recommendations, and showed a better adherence to dietary dairy guidelines.

A cross-sectional survey examined the link between consumption of yogurt and adherence to dietary guidelines of 2.557 adults (18-59 years) in São Paulo. A questionnaire assessed the consumption frequency of fermented milk, whole and skimmed yogurt, as well as socioeconomic and demographic data. A Quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire collected data on habitual intake of 65 food items, representative for the local population.

Yogurt stimulates a better adherence to dietary guidelines

Poster EB1Heavy consumers ate more than 4 servings of yogurt per day and their mean calcium intake was higher than the Brazilian recommendations of 1000mg/day. The nutrient intake of proteins, fibers, vitamins (A,C and D), magnesium, phosphorus and potassium was higher, compared to non-consumers. Frequent yogurt consumers showed a higher mean intake of dairy products, such as milk and cheese, and showed a better compliance to dairy dietary guidelines of three servings per day.

 Source: Fisberg M. et al., FASEB Journal, April 2015, Vol 29(1), supplement 734.13

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