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Diet with low intake of yogurt is associated with obesity

Low intake of yogurt is associated with obesity

The prevalence of obesity is still growing worldwide, and there is a need for a better understanding of the socio-demographic risk factors involved. This study examined these factors with a special emphasis on diet in an Argentinian population.

One of two person are overweight or obese in the study population

The study involved 4328 subjects over 18 years old resident in Cordoba city, Argentina. Consumption patterns were derived from a Food Frequency Questionnaires and exhaustive exploratory analyses were performed to describe dietary patterns. 34 % of the population was classified has overweight, and 17 % was obese. More men (60 %) than women (45%) had a BMI ≥ 25. The authors also identified several diet components associated with overweight and/or obesity.

Yogurt, milk, pulses and whole grains

So, it appears that high intake of sodium, refined grains, starchy vegetables and snacks, and a low intake of yogurt, milk, pulses, and whole grains were associated with a greater risk of obesity. The authors conclude that this diet seemed to be associated with the emergence and high prevalence of obesity in Cordoba, Argentina. These results are in line with other findings that have reported an inverse association between dairy consumption and obesity.

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Source: Aballay  et al., European Journal of Nutrition 2016;55:675-685.

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