Diabetes prevention

Dairy products improve hepatic function and inflammation


Dairy products are associated with certain health benefits in the metabolic syndrome, which is confirmed by this study led by scientists from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, among 37 patients with a metabolic syndrome and habitually low dairy consumption.

3 dairy products per day, including yogurt

The study consisted of a 6-week crossover study design aiming to determine the effect of increased consumption of dairy products. The participants consumed low-fat dairy (LFD), containing 10oz of milk and 1% of fat, 6oz of non-fat yogurt and 4oz of cheese with 2% fat or a carbohydrate-based control (CNT). The objective was to measure the inflammatory status and the different markers of the hepatic function.

Generally favorable results

The results show that the LFD period was favorable to hepatic function, as witnessed by lower concentrations in alanine aminotransferase and in aspartate aminotransferase. The authors also report a favorable evolution of inflammation markers and a reduction in hepatic steatosis scores after the LFD period. Beneficial effects warrant the recommendation of 3 daily portions of dairy products, including yogurt, for metabolic syndromes.

Source: Dugan CE et al., Dairy Consumption Lowers Systemic Inflammation and Liver Enzymes in Typically Low-Dairy Consumers with Clinical Characteristics of Metabolic Syndrome, J Am Coll Nutr, Nov 2015, pp. 1-7. [Epub ahead of print]

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