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Consumption of dairy products is associated with more favourable body composition in obesity

body composition

This study examined relationships between energy, protein and calcium consumption from dairy foods (milk, yoghurt, cheese, dairy spreads, ice-cream) and adiposity (BMI, waist and hip circumference (WC and HC, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) in 720 overweight/obese Australian +50 men and women.

Reduced-fat milk was the most commonly consumed dairy product (235 g/day), followed by whole milk (63 g/day) and yoghurt (53 g/day). Overall dairy food consumption (g/day) was significantly and inversely associated with BMI, % of body fat and WC. Dairy protein and dairy calcium were both inversely associated with all adiposity measures.

Yogurt consumption was inversely associated with % body fat, abdominal fat, WC and HC, while reduced-fat milk consumption was inversely associated with BMI, WC, HC and % body fat.

Source: Murphy KJ et al. Nutrients 2013 ; 5(11) : 4665-84.

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