Bone health

Bone health in elderly: Key role of vitamin D and calcium


The daily consumption of 2 yogurt servings (125 g each), fortified with calcium and vitamin D, reduces bone loss in elderly at risk for fractures.

A double-blind randomized control trial of 56 days examined the effect of yogurt consumption, fortified with calcium and vitamin D, on the bone health of 59 institutionalized elderly women with an average age of 85,5 years. Two servings of 125 g yogurt were integrated into the daily diet of the participants. One group received fortified yogurt, containing 800 mg calcium and 10µg vitamin D, whereas the other group consumed a yogurt with 280 mg of calcium.

 Preventing bone resorption

The results showed that an increased intake of calcium and vitamin D reduced further bone loss among elderly, who have a higher risk for bone fractures and are difficult to keep nourished. More precisely, vitamin D and calcium fortified yogurt reduces serum parathyroid hormone and markers of bone resorption more significant, compared to non-fortified yogurt.

 Source: Bonjour JP et al. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism July 1, 2013 vol. 98 no. 7 2915-2921

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