There's a yogurt for everybody

Back to school: children who eat yogurt have a better diet quality

YINI_Back to school - Why introduce yogurt in daily kids' snacks?

It is time to go back to school… and what a great opportunity to make a fresh start and adopt long-term healthy eating habits for your kid! Adding a yogurt in each school snack may be a good start…

Indeed, a publication based on the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) showed a beneficial association between yogurt consumption in children and their metabolic profile and diet quality.

The study shows that children who consume at least one serving of yogurt per week have, on average, a better quality of diet,  richer in fruit, milk and whole grains. They also have a lower insulin resistance and a better insulin sensitivity.

YINI - Children who eat yogurt have a better diet quality overall...

Thus, introducing plain yogurt along with fruits and grains, for example as a snack, may be a good way to help children build healthy eating habits for their future.

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