What added value does yogurt bring to dairy protein?

Yogurt digestibility benefits

Protein in yogurt has higher digestibility

FIG_00-DIGEST1Milk and yogurt are excellent sources of high quality protein, which is roughly made up of 80% casein and 20% whey protein. The high nutritional value of milk proteins is well preserved during the fermentation process involved in yogurt production. The protein content of yogurt is generally higher than that of milk because of the addition of non-fat dry milk during production (10). Proteins in yogurt have been found to be more digestible than proteins in unfermented (standard) milk.

Both the heat treatment and acid production involved in fermentation appear to start breaking down milk proteins, producing smaller, more easily digested forms of the milk protein casein, and releasing some free amino acids into yogurt (10). Cultured yogurt also has a higher protein quality than the mix it is made from (10).

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