EB 2015 Boston

3rd Yogurt Summit : interview with André Marette, PhD – Diabetes Expert

André Marette, PhD, tells us about yogurt and diet at the 3rd Yogurt Summit.

When it comes to limiting weight gain and reducing the risk of obesity the beneficial potential of yogurt has to be considered, said Professor Andre Marette, who was an attentive attendee at the 3rd Yogurt Summit, in Boston, March 28.

 According to him, “we learn more about yogurt components and how it can help to manage body weigt gain . Yogurt is part of a healthy dietary pattern and seems to be a suitable way to help prevent weight gain, by consuming more proteins along with beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and calcium and at the same time reducing the energy content that other snacks provide.  There is also growing evidence that yogurt consumption on a regular basis is associated with lesser weight gain and may have a major impact on diseases like Type 2 Diabetes. The effect of yogurt on weight management can be scaled up to the whole population : even a modest reduction in weight would have significant economic benefits. We still need more mechanistic studies, but it is very promising.”

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