3rd Global Summit on the health effect of yogurt (#Yogurt2015) : why should you attend?

Boston - #YINI2015

The 3rd Global Summit on the health effects of yogurt (#Yogurt2015) offers the opportunity to enhance your experience and broaden your understanding of yogurt research, all at one meeting.

The International Osteoporosis Foundation, the American Society for Nutrition and Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for a Balanced Diet have taken a look at the 2015 programs and have identified new themes.  Stay tuned and SEE YOU THERE ON MARCH 28, 2015 during Experimental Biology Conference !

The scientific program

Yogurt consumption and weight management: New findings & perspectives

28 March 2015 (12:45 am-14:45 pm)

  1. Welcome and Introduction (10 min) – Sharon Donovan and Raanan Shamir
  2. Yogurt consumption & weight in the scientific literature – a protocol driven approach (30 min) – Speaker : Jacqui Eales YHEC
  3. Yogurt & weight : New insights on the evidence (30 min) – Speaker : Richard Atkinson
  4. Yogurt & weight : Potential mechanisms (30 min) – Speaker : Angelo Tremblay
  5. End and conclusion (10 min) – Sharon Donovan and Raanan Shamir

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