Yogurt and worldwide habits

11 countries that consume the most yogurt

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Selected for you this week: an overview about the 11 countries that consume the most yogurt by George Durankiev. Every week, we bring you valuable quotes from around the web on yogurt.

Yogurt being a very healthy type of food is a fact that is acknowledged in all the 11 countries that consume the most yogurt.

11. Indonesia

Indonesia takes the 11th place in our list. There they have an interesting type of yogurt called Dadiah, made from water buffalo milk and fermented in bamboo tubes.

10. India

You’d expect a country which worships cows and their milk as sacred to be on this list. India has a variety of yogurt (called dahi there) dishes and ways of preparation, including sweet yogurt

9. China

While China was not a big consumer of yogurt (mainly due to the natural lactose intolerance of the majority of Chinese people), the market there is currently booming with new, easily digestible products.

8. Russia

Yogurt has always been a staple food in Russia. In the Caucasian region where Russia meet Georgia, they have a special sort of yogurt they call Matsoni which is thought to contribute to longevity.

7. United States

Yogurt is quite different in the US. Often consumed as a sweetened, strongly flavored dessert, frozen yogurt (fro-yo) is probably the most popular type of it

6. Brazil

Brazil is another recently emerged market for Yogurt. There they prefer to have the strained type which is often called “Greek yogurt” in a variety of flavors and arrangements.

5. Australia

Australia, just like the US and the UK, consumes a variety of yogurt, such as frozen yogurt, Greek and normal yogurt in a variety of flavors. There are several popular Australian yogurt producers.

4. United Kingdom

The UK is seeing an increase in the consumption of this particular dairy product. Sweetened or flavored yogurt is very popular there. However, there are rising concerns about the sugar levels in some products.

3. Canada

Canada is another non-specialized consumer and producer of a big variety of yogurts. With a branch of the globally popular yogurt and dairy products company Danone there, you can be sure there is always a demand for it.

2. Ireland

Ireland consumes all types of yogurts alike, making the second place in our list of the 11 countries that consume the most yogurt. There they also like to have the creamier, churn-made yogurt type.

1. France

The country that gave the world Danone and their desserts and snacks tops the list of the 11 countries that consume the most yogurt. Accounts of yogurt consumption there date back to Francis I of France who was miraculously healed by eating it.

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