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Towards more plant-based diet in our plates

Towards more plant-based diet - AC Durand and F Mariotti - YINI

“Towards more plant-based diet in our plates” is an interview conducted in April 2023 between Anne-Claire Durand and François Mariotti.

Anne-Claire Durand is an AgroParisTech engineer, specializing in nutrition and passionate about sustainable food. In the course of her professional experience (health and food), she has acquired skills in quality, regulations, marketing, product development, CSR, prevention and a keen interest in scientific monitoring and communication.

François Mariotti is a researcher at AgroParisTech, expert in human nutrition and director of the AgroParisTech/INRAE team “Protein intake, nutritional safety and cardiometabolic risk”. Protein specialist, he is particularly interested in dietary transitions, using a variety of approaches (experimental, epidemiological, modeling, etc.).

This discussion covers the impact and interactions between food systems and climate change, possible changes to food to make it more environmentally friendly, and the different approaches and models for reconciling nutritional intake and environmental impact.

(Video in french, with english subtitles)

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